Windows 10

Windows 10 fixes and tweaks

Tip: Disconnect the internet while you install Windows 10.
It will skip lots of steps and make only a LOCAL user account.

Re-enable the ability to control updates 
Several options are available 

Windows Update MiniTool 

Disable automatic driver updating 

Disable or remove Windows privacy and tracking options 

Enhance the start menu and Explorer windows 

Yosemite Transformation Pack 

Droid Tools

Tools for Android

This page contains a mix of geeky tools and security scanners that I find useful or essential.
There are a few alternative App stores, Linux distros and emulators for a few alternative operating systems.
I try to add optional downloads for everything, so people that do not use Google Play have some options. Open Source only software. Open Source Security (repository available in the F-Droid app)

Antivirus comparisons (Android and Windows)
Manage APK files from Windows or the Android app

Opera Browser (fast and lower bandwidth use)

Android Vulnerabilities org
Device Analyzer

Blokada content blocking and DNS changer (Android 4+) (Android 4+)

AdAway content blocker (use custom HOSTS file for tracker and ad blocking)

Adblock Plus (allows some ads) (Android 2.3+)

AppBrain Ad Detector (Android 2.3)

Stagefright Detector by Zimperium (Android 2.3.3+) (Patches are available here)

Stagefright Detector by  Lookout (Android 4.1+)

Certifi-gate Scanner (Android 4+)

Shellshock Vulnerability Scan (Android 2.2)

Zimperium Shellshock Scanner (Android 2.1)

Bluebox Security Scanner – – Info (Android 2)
Trustable by Bluebox (Android 4)

Swiftkey – Samsung keyboard vulnerability scanner (Android 4)

Recap Vulnerability Scanner (Android 2.1)

Appvigil Vulnerability Scanner (Android 4.1)

Bluebox OpenSSL Scanner

Heartbleed scanner (Android 2.2+)

Andrubis Malware sandbox – (Android 2.2+)

Secunia Personal Software Inspector (Android 2.3)

Attify Mobile App Security Scanner

Guardian Project – CACertMan –

Trust Manager by Bluebox (Cert manager)

GApps Browser Google sandbox (Android 2.1)

WebApps sandbox (Android 3)

SecUpwN – Android IMSI-Catcher Detector – (Android 4.1 +)


SRLabs – Mobile Network Assessment Tools

zANTI2 – Network assesment (Download)


Hosts Editor

Signal encrypted calls

Xposed framework

Total Commander
PC support –

Ghost Commander

Preferences Manager

/system/app mover (requires BusyBox)

BusyBox Linux extensions –

Lil’ Debi: Mobile Debian Installer

Debian Kit

aDosBox x86 emulator

Java installer

AndroidVNC (Android 1.5) – Use with

ApkTrack – Check for updates on Google PlayStore (Android 4+)

Alternative applications and markets

SD-Booster (Android 2.1)

WiFi Analyzer
HeatMapper for the PC is good to use with this

Augmented Reallity GPS Compass Map 3D

Open Camera (Android 4.0.3)

Tricorder (functional)

Project MAXS (Modular Android XMPP Suite)

Trillian messenger (multi network) (VLC and MPC remote control)

Ampwifi Winamp Remote

Winamp for Android (plays many formats inc. shoutcast streams and tracker files. Syncs to Winamp on the PC)

ArmAMP (Android 2.1)
Plays almost all formats. Stream from sites and various web storage. Maximum geek audio.

ABC/Music VK, Last.FM (Android 2.3) (stream your existing music library for free)
http://tgsoft.in (old v2.19 with DL option)

XMPlay Module Tracker (Android 2.1)


Root/Super User


ChainsDD (older phones)

Clockwork Mod –


APK Studio

APK Tool

Boing AmigaOS

Omega 500 – Forum


Winamp resources Latest patched version Realease and News thread (required for remote access) (Winamp input) FFMpeg ASIO – ASIO4ALL OpenlAL EAX Kernel Streaming Plugin (DSP)

Manually adding online services Icons and colour themes SkinWamp Jaspers plugins 

Ampwifi Winamp Remote 


Opera Now playing speed dial 



Best free Anti-virus

The best free Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware programs

…but don’t just take my word for it
Which Security Suite for Windows Provides Sustained Protection?

Currently the best Free AV are;

Avast  (Avast can break website validation)
AVG   –  Privacy Warning 
Qihoo 360 Total Security Essentials 
(Qihoo combines Avira and Bitdefender engines with its own. Disable the Qihoo engine for better performance.)

Once you find an AV you trust, and also find easy to use, you should consider upgrading to the full version.
This will usually add important extra features such as a better firewall and email scanning.


AV-Comparatives – September 2017 – August 2017

VB100 – The latest RAP averages quadrant

Use these easy to understand independent charts to choose your main anti-malware program

!!! Stay away from MicroSoft Security Essentials /Defender, Norton (Symantec) and  McAfee, even if they are free !!!
…even if they pay you !
Norton from Symantec is sometimes good and sometimes total rubbish. It is not worth trusting something unreliable and inconsistent.

Q: What is Microsoft’s Baseline Protection ?
A: It is the “out of the box” protection you get with Windows 7 and newer, which come with MSE / Defender pre-installed.


Worth installing as a secondary Anti-Virus (because the free version does not run in the background).
Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

Use it if you think your main AV missed something, or if your main AV is broken.

Another useful “second opinion” program is “HitmanPro

There are a few cloud-based (remote) options that use multiple engines.
Herd Protect uses over 60 AV engines, but I cannot vouch for it, as it has never completed a scan for me.



Andoid owners are constantly under threat of exploits, so it is wise to install some extra security



10 free AV packages
Avira are now beta testing a version for Macintosh



As Linux can transport viruses for other OSs it is wise to think about AV scanning in Linux


Virus/Malware and Hacking visualisation

Where is the hacking and viri most popular, and where is it directed ?
Check these world maps

Wordfence WordPress Security Plugin (UK Cyber-crimes)

OpenSSL and manual updating of software

26th September 2016 – Current versions: 0.9.8zh – 1.0.2j – 1.1.0b

OpenSSL just got another major update, and now the pre-compiled binaries for Windows are available from 

Many common programs use the standard DLLs available from either of the 2 main distributors, but it is just as common that the vendors do not release new updates when the SSL libs get updated.
The common practice is to update after a flaw has been used, rather than pre-empt a problem.
However if your software does use the standard libs, you have a very good chance of replacing them yourself without any problems.

Use Windows search to look in your “Programs Files” and “Program Files (x86)” folders for either of the 2 files;
libeay32.dll” or “ssleay32.dll
You can easily compare the versions by adding a new column in the search results.
Right-click on any of the column headings eg. “Name”, “Date”, or “size” etc. and chose the option “More…” at the bottom.
Now scroll through the list and look for “File Version”, and enable it.

You should rename or backup the 2 DLLs with each program before putting the new files in.
If the updated files do not work, you may need an alternative compiled version, and will have to contact the author of your software, or make a post in their forums.
Good anti-virus programs will block you from changing or deleting files in these folders, so you will have to temporarily disable “Realtime scanning”.

Some example software I manually update;
Trillian scrobbler
raptr game tracker

Mostly these applications log into my personal accounts repeatedly and regularly, so it is good to keep them as secure as possible.
The author of “Speedfan” has made the wise choice of not including the DLLs with his program, but giving a link to the OpenSSL site.
Speedfan can send debug info via email, and using SSL is an option you can add when / if you need it.
As it only uses it for email, if there is no change in that part of the SSL libs it may not need updating, but I still do just so I don’t have old insecure libs floating around my PC

You aslo may not “need” to update, depending on the version of OpenSSL and what the software uses it for.
Lookup any versions you see listed in your PC on the Vulnerabilities page.

If you notice that your current SSL DLLs are very old, but the software is regularly updated, you should raise it as a topic in their forums.


(Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology)

(Including SSD)

I cannot stress this enough.
Everyone (yes you too) MUST find a SMART tool they are happy to have running all the time.
Your drives will have been screaming at you for help, but if you do not have anything running that can notify you, then you only find out when the drive fails.
All motherboards and hard disks support SMART but no Operating Systems come with a tool that will notify you.
By the time your BIOS or OS finally start to complain about a drive, it is often in a very bad condition and liable to fail soon.

All drives will age, and Windows Scandisk is NOT your friend !
By the time you fix bad blocks with Scandisk it is often too late to move data, and it will just delete it.

You need to run the drives own internal SMART tests regularly.
Do a short test first, then an Extended test to fix or move errors it finds.

Internal SMART settings
There are 3 internal settings. Usually only the first feature is enabled.
Many drives support all 3 options, so try to enable them all.
1) Enable/disable SMART
2) Automatic self tests
3) Automatic saving of device and SMART info
Built-in SMART switches

vendor specific tools

Western Digital

Seagate and Maxtor

Toshiba (Laptop Utilities)

Generic tools

SMART Testing (very good, but requires .NET4) (Linux/Win/Mac)
(^ Those 2 are front-ends for ) (Speedfan includes advanced SMART diagnostics)

Monitoring/Viewing (includes SSD optimisation) (Mac)

You must find a SMART monitor you are happy to have sat in the background all the time.
The older your drives are, the more important this is.

Disk Fresh can “refresh” the tracks/blocks/cylinders. Using this several times a year will keep files from fading. to the alternatives)

Over time the spindle and bearings wear, so the head position drifts and it cannot read or write within the boundary of the blocks.
A complete full format will re-write the track markers where the heads now position.
Tools like “DiskFresh“,  “SpinRite”  and “HDD Regenerator” can shift the tracks without needing to empty and format the drive.

If your computer will not boot, you can find the tools for your drive on the “Ultimate Boot CD”
This ISO image also contains many other disk tools that work on all drives.

Other useful pages (includes more SMART tools)

Next-gen iPhone apps


Marketing notes for current series
REVISION: 01 – 20/05/2014
REVISION: 02 – 31/10/2014
REVISION: 03 – 30/11/2014

*** RC2.1 ***  (just managed to squeeze this one out before the deadline)
Our Unique i-Shat medical app invention rates your poo by actual analysis.
Weight, colour, and consistency are all tested, and your health updates can be posted immediately to social media.
Now totally Bristolian standards compliant, and uses our (patent-pending) poolian prototype, faecal-finder, for the firmest facts and statistics.

Activate the i-Shat app and place the phone on the floor or toilet seat.
Make sure you can see yourself on screen, so you can align yourself correctly (you wouldn’t want to miss).
Poo on the phone and wait for the result.
Once the phone senses something touching it, it takes a photo, and splashes the results on the site of your choice.
Now you are guaranteed to have a regular talking-point of a profile pic.
Some sites may allow you to make it sticky, so it always floats on top.

Depending on which way the phone is round, people may at first think you are spitting gravy at the camera, and have injured your nose, but once they rotate the screen we are sure they’ll work it out.
Some types of poo have been know to cause a reaction. Please check with your Apple suppler to see if it is compatible with nuts.


*** Tool 01: Beta3 ***

If your car oil meter is broken or defective, you can place your dip-stick on the iPhone screen and set the min and max oil level.
Choose your model of car and type of oil from the scrolling menu.
Then point at where the oil is on the ruler on-screen.
It will then tell you if you need to put more oil in the car.

Note: Defective dip-sticks are beyond the scope of this tool.

*** Tool 02: RC1 ***

You can test your car battery by taking your jump-leads and attaching them at opposite ends of your iPhone, as far on to the screen as possible.
You may need to wiggle the clips to get a good contact with the conductive parts of the phone.
If you have a good battery and a good contact, you should see your iPone light-up after a few seconds.
The healthier your battery, the brighter your iPhone will glow.

New Bonus feature
A brand new fully charged car battery will be signified by an impressive 3D firework effect, including coloured smoke and shower of sparkles.

*** Tool 03: alpha5.1 *** (still problems)

Need to get under the car to do some work ? Can’t be bothered with that heavy, clumsy, oily, iron-aged jack ?
Set the easy to read scale to the required height, and place in front or behind a wheel.
Once the app detects you are safely on top, it should gently start to raise.
It may take a few attempts to locate the tire squarely, so try again from a few angles.

Operating notes:
For best and safest results, this app should always be operated on a firm grippy surface.
If you find the iPhone keeps slipping, try relocating to somewhere more textured.
Asphalt is usually more effective than smooth concrete.
If you have problems activating it, try turning the iPhone the other way up, it works just the same.

Some users say they get better results if they turn the steering wheel back and forth a few times (power-steering helps).
If you have tried all these methods and it still will not function, then your iPhone may have developed a slight fault.
Take it to an Apple store with a photo of your tire (showing the tread pattern), and explain all the steps you used so far.

This is still a brand new app, so you may have to ask your friends or the Apple support if they know it by the shorter name.
Ask them “Do you know i-M.E.Tool ?



Malware removal and precautions


Welcome to Dr.Flay’s™ Cybernetics Apothecary™
Please take a seat.

I am going to assume you can still log in. If you cannot, then use one of the “Live Discs” on my “Online Anti Malware” page
First and very importantly.
All passwords should be considered to be compromised whenever you have malware, unless you know exactly what each and every piece of malware does.

4 steps
1) Cleanup
2) Standalone AV scanner
3) Install/update permanent AV, and scan again.
4) add more layers of protection

Before scanning for malware it will help if you empty all the temporary files from your system.
This will speed up the scan and will often delete the malware installer.
— Free Cleanup tools: 

The system and individual browser proxy settings and home-pages may also have been hijacked.
Any addresses found in the proxy settings should be removed. 

Whatever AV you have put their faith in, it may be time to ditch and replace (or fix if it has a problem).
Before it comes up, as for some reason it always does, No. Microsoft Security Essentials / Defender is not considered good, and even MS claim it only gives you “baseline protection“.
I have even seen installations of MSE waiting to be updated for over a year, as only the definitions are automatic.
The user must manually tick the major engine updates in the Windows update dialogue (stupid idea).
Norton and Mcafee are regularly so poor they are often not rated and compared by the main AV sites.

Currently the system is compromised, so actually updating or replacing the AV may be blocked or unreliable.
Everyone’s fave standalone “Malware Bytes Anti-Malware” should be used before replacing the installed AV.
You should even be able to use it in Windows Safe Mode, if needed.
HitmanPro” is also useful for a second opinion

Alternatively “BitDefender QuickScan” is browser based, and also does not require installing (makes a handy backup scanner).

“Herdprotect” is a standalone cloud-based multi-engine AV (60+).
Download the small package and it will use the remote service to scan your PC. 

IMPORTANT: While using any secondary AV, the installed one must be temporarily disabled, or system areas and files will be unavailable for scanning.
They can also mistake each-other for a virus !

As for choice of AV, it depends on if you want to pay or not.
For free, the most consistently good AV is the German “Avira” and the best commercial AV you may never have heard of.
I always insist at this point you do not take my word for it (this is my security rule No.1).
You must go and look at the charts and comparisons, and make your own choice as to “what fits the need best” once you look at the actual product info (eg. The best commercial AV will be aimed at geeks that know what they are doing). is top-right)

Once the PC has it’s new AV, it must be run after updating.
An installed AV can see deeper into the system than a standalone.

Proactive defence
Never use IE unless you have to. It is a malware-toolbar magnet (worth checking to see what is installed)

Most users can remove Java, and only install it at the first time you actually need it (I have used it once since last Nov.). You always get directed to the java site if it is needed.
If Java is needed, the java prefs can be set to not store any local files (this is where many java malware live).
Java only updates 1 per month, and often fails. You can change it to check every week.
The “check every day” option, gets changed to “every week” after it does the next check (naughty).

Adobe Flash updates also seem to be a random problem, and it is regularly not secure.
Again users have to manually push for a check at least each week, but it will take you to the site to use the installer.
If you need an update, at this point it also tries to install Chrome, or Java, Mcafee or Norton (those are just scanner tools to make you buy the real AV).

Beef up all the browsers you have.
This is far more important than most people give it credit. as it is the way you stop things getting in, before your AV has to deal with it.
Firefox, Opera and Chrome support delayed or “run-on-demand” for plugins.
If you don’t want certain Java or flash plugins to activate, you simply don’t click on them.
Plugins such as “No-Script” will also do this (and more).

The 2 most useful browser plugins for all browsers are “Web of Trust” and “Ghostery
These plugins will also educate the user to the dangers found in innocent looking search results and sponsored ads.
These will function in most search engines and webmail.
(Other plugins are browser specific, so check my blog links at the bottom.)

If your family are “like-happy” social-media fiends, and love to share cute or “surprising” posts on FB and twitter etc. they are also at risk.
These high turnover posts are how the malware distributors favour hiding their traps. Same as most of the posts that claim to have a special app that shows you more of FBs secrets.
There are various security and privacy plugins available for FB and twitter, so they do not need browser compatibility.
I have my feeds scanned regularly and automatically for any problem posts. I get notified and you can have it also notify the user that made it visible to you.

Anti-malware and privacy protection can be added to FB and Twitter with site apps; – 

To remove the adverts and potential threat in FB, there are a couple of browser plugins available.
FB Purity” and “Social Fixer” both do similar things, but one of the main things is the option to switch off the advert area.
(Geek-note: Both of these can also hold custom CSS, so you can have a skinned FB without extra plugins).

The same thing can also be done with Youtube browser plugins, which considering that Youtube has been a conduit for malware, is a good idea.
You can also block sites with malware, trackers or adverts on your PCs and devices with a regularly updated “HOSTS file”

(See the blog links underneath)

Note: If both of you have an MSN or Microsoft ID or email etc. they can “request help from a friend” in the Windows help (find it on your PC first, so you know what they will see), and you can safely remote control their PC, without installing extra software. (I need to update and fix some of the icons, but the links are there) (HOSTS blocking Windows/Linux/Mac)

Useful extras

Skypekit fix

A hero by the name of “Hero” has posted a thread in the official Trillian help site.

I have installed the newer v4.1.2 (skypekit41_noid.exe) later added to the page he refers to, and now have it working again. (Web Archive link)
Downloads are magnet hashes, so you need a modern p2p client to fetch them.
I used “Shareaza 2” so now they are available on all the other major networks.

Simply download and rename to “skypekit.exe” then replace the original.
I used the newest Trillian skype.dll I have ( Get the full trillian-v5.4.0.16.exe and update on top of that.
Expect this to be temporary, but for now it is working.

Try the newer “skypekit41_noid.exe” first, but if that does not work, try the older “skypekit37_noid.exe

Alternative Magnet including ed2k



Micro$oft have finally had the  skype-open-source.blogspot and part of accounts suspended, so I am making sure external Skype access is still available to those that do not want the bloated original taking up all the desktop.
The authors email: skypeopensource at gmail dot com

A reminder from the past.

“Skyper is a software company focusing on next generation resource sharing for mobile communications based on peer-to-peer technology and viral marketing.
The company will launch Skyper 1.0 during 2003.
Skyper was founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the founders of KaZaA, and received funding from Draper Investment Company.
In short: Stay tuned for the next phenonemon from the people who brought you KaZaA.”

Skype was invented to take away the dominance of the Telecom companies, but since being sold has become a tool to aid its owners dominance in that sector.
Time for a new Skyper.




 Useful Skype extras if you use the real thing.

skype 6x dll  – skype 6 “special” offline installer


This page is the various tools I find helpful for keeping local copies of streaming media.



MiPony  (careful with installing. Watch out for extra adware) (no Adware version) (Supports many sites)


General (MediaPlus browser plugin)  (Mixcloud, Grooveshark, Soundcloud)


Nirsoft tools


Orbit Downloader (careful with installing. Watch out for extra adware)