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A hero by the name of “Hero” has posted a thread in the official Trillian help site.

I have installed the newer v4.1.2 (skypekit41_noid.exe) later added to the page he refers to, and now have it working again. (Web Archive link)
Downloads are magnet hashes, so you need a modern p2p client to fetch them.
I used “Shareaza 2” so now they are available on all the other major networks.

Simply download and rename to “skypekit.exe” then replace the original.
I used the newest Trillian skype.dll I have ( Get the full trillian-v5.4.0.16.exe and update on top of that.
Expect this to be temporary, but for now it is working.

Try the newer “skypekit41_noid.exe” first, but if that does not work, try the older “skypekit37_noid.exe

Alternative Magnet including ed2k



Micro$oft have finally had the  skype-open-source.blogspot and part of accounts suspended, so I am making sure external Skype access is still available to those that do not want the bloated original taking up all the desktop.
The authors email: skypeopensource at gmail dot com

A reminder from the past.

“Skyper is a software company focusing on next generation resource sharing for mobile communications based on peer-to-peer technology and viral marketing.
The company will launch Skyper 1.0 during 2003.
Skyper was founded by Niklas Zennström and Janus Friis, the founders of KaZaA, and received funding from Draper Investment Company.
In short: Stay tuned for the next phenonemon from the people who brought you KaZaA.”

Skype was invented to take away the dominance of the Telecom companies, but since being sold has become a tool to aid its owners dominance in that sector.
Time for a new Skyper.




 Useful Skype extras if you use the real thing.

skype 6x dll  – skype 6 “special” offline installer

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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