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Coronavirus Checker
If You Haven’t Read It, The Imperial College Report On COVID-19 Is Important !
Aerosol and Surface Stability of SARS-CoV-2 as Compared with SARS-CoV-1
What is herd immunity and will it affect the pandemic?

United Kingdom
Self-report with the Covid Symptom Tracker
Guidance on social distancing for everyone in the UK

WHO dashboard
The John Hopkins map and information

Working from home
12 apps for remote work that take privacy seriously
DarkReading: Latest Security News & Commentary about COVID-19
ZDNet: Coronavirus: Business and technology in a pandemic
ZDNet: Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic delivers array of cybersecurity challenges

Situation updates from Dr.John Cambell
COVID-19 Evolution/Mutation S/L variants
8 strains of the coronavirus are circling the globe.
Genomic epidemiology of novel coronavirus
BBC Science radio shows/podcasts that have been covering the outbreak.
The Science Hour
5 Live Science Podcast
BBC Inside Science
Science in Action
BBC Tech shows covering the outbreak
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Notable extras

if a GoldBrute BlueKeep[s] probing my R[s]DP, will it be EternalBlue ?

GoldBrute Botnet

General stats 12th June 2019

General greynoise stats – 12th June 2019

As we seem to be eternally blue about the Windows network access vulnerabilities, and the latest botnet threat, I thought before I take cover I will have a look over the battlefield.
Spotting the new GoldBrute botnet is not as easy as with other activity so I thought I would look at related activity and current big spikes, seen by the GreyNoise site to see if there is a correlation
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The Paradox of Nature

The Paradox of Nature

There is a long standing common misuse of the word Nature as the name of some sort of entity, as in pointing at the outside world and calling it “Nature” like it is a thing.
This is an unhelpful misunderstanding of the nature of the word “nature” and its use.
It started in the late 14th century when we still thought of the wilderness as a chaotic untamed place with no self-aware creatures, communities, social-status, or tool-users.
We now realise that we are not alone in being sentient, living in ordered communities with ranks and status, and importantly in feeling emotions.
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2018 Anti-Virus comparison

AV-Comparatives logo

A breakdown of the performance of AntiVirus over the past year, based on the Real World Protection Test results from
The top 5 have been marked in green in each image, and the baseline of Microsoft AV is selected in each for comparison.
I have broken it down into how often each package from the monthly top 5 features in the top 5, and how many times a package from this group has the worst hit rate for false positives (marked with *).
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Cyber-Threat Maps

Global Thermo Nuclear War

Would you like to play Global Thermo Nuclear War ?

Malware, Hacking and Botnet Visualisation

Where is the hacking and viri most popular, and where is it directed ?
Check these world maps of virus and hacking activity.
(noisy) (UK Cyber-crimes)

Build your own map

To have, or to take ?

Shock-horror, a regular blog type post from me !


Take vs. Have


Over the years the UK becomes more and more Americanised, rather than just absorbing the cultural references.

There are many aspects that encourage this, such as the UK market being saturated by “educational” toys and TV shows that teach US culture and vocabulary.

To quote a well worn phrase, “Personally I blame the parents”, as it used to be the parents that taught the basics instead of machines.

There is nothing stopping them still doing so, but the TV and toys are easier.


Underneath all the obvious stuff is something more subtle and worrying for a cultural psyche.

The unassuming swap from using the word “have” to the word “take”.

They are of a different context, and often the swap makes a sentence make no grammatical sense.

However the comedy of wondering why and where Americans are taking a poo, when the rest of us leave it where we deposit it, is not my point.
…and as for why Americans keep breaking their food and having to fix it, is beyond me.


My concern is about the negative and selfish connotation of “taking” everything from life, or a given situation, rather than “receiving” or experiencing what it is to “have” rather than “take”.
I am sure that Buddhists and Pagans understand this clearly.

People don’t register it in conversation as it is so common and minor, but I think it has more of an impact in the long-term, as all expressions of doing anything or engaging in something are referred to in a one-way and always inward direction.

We are a greedy bunch of no-tail-monkeys with high expectations of what life owes us.
It does not need constant reinforcement with the way we speak.

I see it as an “echo-chamber” effect, and so live by this principal;

“Speak positively about your life and experiences, and your life will be more positive. Speak negatively and your life will be more negative”.