Cyber-Threat Maps

Malware, Hacking and Botnet Visualisation Where is the hacking and viri most popular, and where is it directed ? Check these world maps of virus and hacking activity.  … Read more

Best free Anti-virus

The best free Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware programs …but don’t just take my word for it Which Security Suite for Windows Provides Sustained Protection? Currently the best Free AV are; Avira Bitdefender Kaspersky Avast  (Avast can break website … Read more

OpenSSL and manual updating of software

26th September 2016 – Current versions: 0.9.8zh – 1.0.2j – 1.1.0b OpenSSL just got another major update, and now the pre-compiled binaries for Windows are available from  Many common programs use the standard DLLs … Read more

Security Now

April 8, 2014 #450: How the Heartbleeds The end of updates for Windows XP, AnyDVD, the Heart Bleed Bug, and more. Download or subscribe to this show at Snowden’s SXSW appearance

Web-Mail and Email

Accessing your Email via a web page is a convenience not the recommended way to do it. Using a web browser is usually less secure. Webmail settings/configuration For use in a normal/standard email program/client/phone app. … Read more


Security related sites, and tools. Check for vulnerabilities https://browsercheck.qualys.comhttp://www.haveibeenpwned.com Security for communications (Guide to Webserver SSL Certificates)https://letsencrypt.org DNSSEC – Secure DNS Lookups   UltraDNS156.154.71.22   UltraDNS       Google8.8.4.4       Google    UUNET193.78.240.12 … Read more