Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog


BBC Cult presents 2000AD and British comics
Judge Dredd and Strontium Dog

five full-cast 2000AD adventures from the Big Finish audio range.

Strontium Dog: Fire From Heaven by Jonathan Clements (Starring Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha.)

Strontium Dog: Down To Earth by Jonathan Clements (Starring Simon Pegg as Johnny Alpha.)

Wanted: Dredd or Alive! By David Bishop

I Love Judge Dredd by Jonathan Morris

Dreddline by James Swallow



I avoid telling people to use p2p/fileshare to download random files from other users, as that is not always safe.
I encourage people to use it for what what it was invented for.

The pure principal of fileshare, is to make it easy for like-minded individuals to work together on shared projects, bypassing the need for using upload-sites and remote storage.

I should add a “Safe-Hex” warning that effective and safe downloading needs you to;
1) be using a good Antivirus, as web-sites and other people may be sharing infected files.
2) take time to look at what your p2p program can do before downloading from using “name” searches (most beginners don’t wait for it to finish connecting before trying to search).
3) If you browse a users files and chat with them, it can help you decide if you trust them.

:troll: Peer-To-Peer connects you to peoples PCs. If they have a virus or infected file that you choose to DL, then you are at the same risk as downloading a virus from a bad site.
It is just as easily get a virus from searching with Google. People are often not aware that even malware sites pay for the sponsored links at the top and side.

:sherlock: When you are downloading from anywhere, your common-sense and Anti-Virus is always your defence.
The security thread at the Shareaza forum has a block-list you can install. It is only a small list, but it is a good start.
It needs updating, but it still blocks lots of spam and known malware distributors.
If you look at the security rules, you can see the do not just block IPs. It can block files by partial-name or hash-key etc.

:knight: Shareaza will not, and cannot, infect you with a virus (unless you got a fake Shareaza).
:doh: Downloading random files you are guessing at, and running them with no AV, is what gives people viruses :rip:
Once you have downloaded a file with Shareaza, it can get VirusTotal to check it (if you have a good AV, it will have already scanned it the same as any normal DL from a browser).
If you are not sure, then right-click on the new file in Shareaza library, and choose the VT web-service.

NOTE: You can also point Shareaza at your AV in the download preferences, so archives etc. are fully scanned when downloaded.
So in fact Shareaza, offers more basic security than a standard web-browser :knight:

My Shareaza tutorial covers adding the security, and has links for creating your own lists.
:star: http://yourunreal.wordpress.com/mirroring-sharing-your-files-with-shareaza/

:troll: Yes Shareaza has issues the same as any p2p software, and unfortunately most users on the G1 network have a basic crappy program, that cannot give feedback on deleted files.
The more people using the newer G2 network, and the more feed-back from deleted spam and viruses, the safer it becomes.
:sherlock: Shareaza can also show the contents and readme of a ZIP etc. over the G2 network so you can see what you are about to download.

:sherlock: The G2 network supports metadata, and if you are looking for a DLL you should be able to see all the info you get when you check a file-properties (SEE PICTURE ABOVE).

My tutorial also shows you how to spot fake/spam, by first searching for a file that cannot exist.
All results for that are fake, and you can block the users.

💡 If you must use it for searching, try it without the G1 network enabled. But you will see less results, and less spam.

If you stick to downloading from sites and people you know and trust (just like any website), you can be safe.




Stay legal, and stay safe http://www.manolito.com/help/p2pu.html

Recovery tools

With scanning and repair tools.
More to come, but these cover most needs. …


Piriform Recuva

EaseUS® Data Recovery Wizard

Glary Undelete

Free Undelete (OfficeRecovery)

Handy Recovery (30 day trial)

PC Inspector

PhotoRec, Digital Picture and File Recovery

FreeUndelete (NTFS)


Roadkil’s Undelete and Unstoppable Copier (useful for damaged data CD/DVDs)

Exact Audio Copy (rip or re-make a scratched Audio-CD)

INFO, SCAN, FIX and Salvage
SpinRite – (The best there is, but no free version)

HDD Regenerator (commercial product, but will fix 1 block at a time for free)



HDDScan – free HDD diagnostic utility

RS Software Lab, Disk Checker

CheckDisk by Dirk Paehl, and GUI by Emiel Wieldraaijer

MHDD by Dmitry Postrigan (low-level diagnostics and repair)

Miscellaneous Disk tools at HDD Guru.

Ultimate Boot CD (many tools in one bootable ISO)

Many excellent tools from MiniTool (even for Macintosh)

Many tools from Active@/NTFS.com

Victoria HDD Utility

S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring
HDD Guardian


HDD Health

Acronis Drive Monitor

Active@ DiskMonitorFree

S.M.A.R.T. Monitoring Tools


PassMark DiskCheckup

Hard Drive Monitor

Defraggler (inc. SMART tab)

—-> HDD FAQ <—-

Fix Corrupt Files
File Repair

All Media Fixer


Free Tools lists



The drive got very slow to boot Windows over the days/weeks and now the drive/partition cannot be read or says is unformatted

Sounds like it was struggling to read blocks, but was not retiring them.
Usually these are blocks near the begining of the drive.
It really needs a Low level format to start with fresh blocks again.

I assume you are now booting from another drive.
As long as Windows can see the device rather than the contents, a SMART tool will report the current condition (and show history if available).
HD Guardian is the best, but can be heavy on CPU, and uses .NET4.
It is very complete and can enable all disabled SMART modes.
There are also links to some manufacturer tools there.

You have several choices.

First it may be worth booting the “Ultimate Boot CD” and running Partition Magic.
This boots to a mini Linux distro with disk fixing and preparation tools.
Sometimes its file-manager can still read the partition and let you in. If it takes ages to list, then it is hitting the bad blocks in the file allocation table.
However you may be able to copy the files you wish to save before repartitioning and full formatting the drive.

Alternatively, boot Ultimate Boot CD and run the drive manufacturer DOS tool, See if you can enable the offline data collection and test modes.
Do a quick SMART test. (2-3 mins max) This checks for errors and should be able to list them.
A long test will take about an hour or more, but will try to move the data from the bad blocks.

The 2 tools that would do the best “fix in place” job are both commercial.
SpinRite and HDD Regenerator (you can use HDD Regen to display all the errors and delays on the drive. If you only have 1 bad block, the free demo is all you need !).
MHDD is free and can display and fix blocks, but is a bit confusing unless you are used to DOS programs.
Disk Fresh is free and only runs in Windows, but does not show much feedback, and you can’t see where the bad blocks are.
If you use Disk Fresh, use the RAW device mode if you can.

Chances are, if you check with HDD Regenerator or MHDD you will see a cluster of bad blocks near the beginning. If they are dotted all over the drive, you must do a complete wipe and format. If you just get a cluster, you can just fix those blocks.
If they are right at the beginning of the drive, you also have the option to leave a space before the partition and ignore that area.


This is a collection of free hosting, mirroring and CDN links and info. …

Please leave suggestions in the comments.
EFF Guides
Keeping Your Site Alive – Mirror Your Web Content

Keeping Your Site Alive – Back Up Your Web Content

Keeping Your Site Alive – Don’t Let Yourself Be Silenced


Content Distribution Networks

MirrorAce and Alternatives
www.mirrorbrain.org Download Redirector and Torrent/Metalink Generator
mirrored.to (was mirrorcreator.com)

http://www.freebase.be/g2cache.php (stalled project but functional)
http://sure-raza.com/magnet:/linker.php (link generator)
Torrent Magnet
http://mgnet.me (short link generator)
Torrent Caches


Test it with the famous “TED archives”

Archive/Backup services
http://archive.org (and Distribution)

Osiris Serverless Portal System

Cross-network search engine http://www.findthatfile.com

FTP Search

Direct Transfer

MS File Checksum Integrity Verifier (FCIV)
Comparison of paid and free File Integrity Monitoring Tools


Home-made Quadraphonic audio

Home-made Quadraphonic audio is so cheap to setup instead of a 5.1 system.

WARNING THIS CONTAINS a biased HISTORY and added drama.

Since using C=AMIGAs (they have RCA phono sockets) I have always plugged the audio into a proper stereo amp.
Oh my word, how we did laugh at PC owners in the 90’s when they discovered what they called “Multimedia”.
Finally adding a CD-ROM, bypassing the buzzer with a sound card, and adding 2 tiny little passive (un-powered) pointless speakers, and they were ready to rock…quietly.
Speakers that weren’t selling, originally intended for the personal-stereo market, now finally found a home standing/squatting proudly next to thousands of 14″ monitors all around the globe.
For the next few years while Amiga owners were switching their amp to AUX/Line In, and turning up the mayhem (Barbarian was so frakkin’ awesome!), while PC owners were fiddling with Windows volume sliders, giving-up, and leaving it all maxed-out (just like modern-day laptop owners).

Then doom happened for the Amiga, as quite literally DooM happened on the PC.
Now PC users expected to be blasted and pounded by the sounds of the 3D environment. This was the first major “killer-app” for the x86 platform. A single reason to buy something you never wanted before.
i.d. software refused to port or allow a conversion. Stating that it was beyond the capabilities of the standard Amiga hardware and graphics, and not enough owned a “big-box” Amiga, so they couldn’t see it as an investment. (Interesting as DooM started as a P.D. demo )
Story continues elsewhere…
(I seriously got choked-up writing that. Whew!)

…aaand back in the room.

1) Most modern PC’s have at least AC’97 (6 channel) compatible sound chips, and at least two 3.5mm jack sockets (ironically Vista/7 users may have difficulty).
CPU-Z or System Information X will tell you exactly what chip you have, and who made it.

2) You need to have the full drivers. The “lite” ones shipped with windows will not do Use the full original drivers from the chip-maker. If you cannot find them, try the drivers from Realtek.
Vista/7+ users – Unfortunately Micro$oft don’t want anything to ruin the look of Aero, so some drivers do not install the manufactures own GUI. This can be a pain if windows will not let you over-ride the socket usage. If you change windows own speaker settings to “quad” it should swap one of your inputs into a second (rear) output (but you may have to guess if you have more than 2).

BEFORE updating the driver, this is a good time to also make sure your Motherboard chipset drivers are also up-to-date.
When you open the GUI/control panel for your sound card, you should easily find the options for controlling your sockets. If not, plan-B is to try windows own settings.

a) If you can, the best and cheapest way, and you just buy 2 audio leads
One lead should be a 3.5mm stereo jack-plug to (usually) twin-phono/RCA plugs or another 3.5mm jack. This goes from line-out to your amp/HiFi.
The second lead is a headphone extension cable. Plug this into your new rear-out on the PC, and you can find somewhere at the other side of the room for your PC speakers to plug back into a power-point, and then route the extension lead to the jack-plug (under a rug is good).
b) Next best, is to buy a second set of stereo PC speakers (at least as good as what you already have), and a headphone extension cable. Use whichever pair are best for the front, and plug the other in the end of the extension.
c) The total cheap-skate and weird to use method !
Plug a set of cheap mini in-ear, earphones into the PC’s rear-out, and adjust the rear volume so you can hear your front speakers clear as your earphones.

*Note the last method can scare the crap out of you with a surround-sound film

How to block sites

Block unwanted adverts and sites.

You can use tools such as “Ad-Block” and Opera users have a few enhancers for the built-in content-blocker.

To block everything in all your software is a pain, so it is easier to block at the network level.
The advantage is that 1 size fits all, and you can also block malware addresses and IP ranges.

With the help of a regularly updated (every month) “Hosts file“, you can do most of the work in 1 go.
Visit http://winhelp2002.mvps.org/hosts.htm for the monthly “MVPS Hosts” file.
There are different issues depending on your version of Windows, so make sure you read the info.
At the bottom of the page, they link some useful Host management tools to make things easy.
I have found “HostsMan” to be one of the best, and it has optional sources for HOSTS which can be combined automatically to fit your own needs.

Disconnect.me mobile

For Android OS, you will need ROOT (Super User) access to use HOSTS blocking with “Adaway”

Adblock Plus tracks your activity but does not need ROOT access as it does not use the HOSTS file

Apple have finally allowed the use of content blockers, and apps will become available

A useful site for reference and news is DNS-BH – Malware Domain Blocklist –  www.malwaredomains.com[RSS]

HOSTS file locations
Win95/98/Me: C:\windows\hosts
WinXP: C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
WinNT/2000/XPPro: C:\winnt\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Win7/8/10: C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts
Mac OS X: /private/etc/hosts
Linux/Android: /etc/hosts

(The HOSTS file is usually Write-protected/read-only, so you will have to change that before you can write the new one)

The most excellent “jv16 Powertools” from http://www.macecraft.com , will “Immunise” Windows PCs with the “MVPS Hosts” for you.
Good Antivirus software (like Avira) should stop you making changes, so you may have to temporarily disable, while you update your hosts file.

A very useful extra to add to your browser, that will give you dynamic and configurable blocking with visual feedback, is “Ghostery” http://www.ghostery.com
After installing and following the setup wizard, you should open the settings and change the other options to your taste.
Ghostery does allow some “responsible” advertising and tracking, so you may prefer “Privacy Badger” from the EFF, or one of the others listed.

Block Youtube adverts

Notable extras

FURTHER READING www.techsupportalert.com How to “harden” your browsers.
This regularly updated page contains many tips for most common browsers.

Advanced users may wish to create their own custom lists. 
BISS – Bluetack Internet Security Solutions BISS FORUM

Creator of the original online Block list converter (free)

I-Blocklist (Block-Lists from various authors)

Country IP blocker: http://services.ce3c.be/ciprg/

Opt-out pages.

Saving images for the web

Quick Guide to Posting Pictures Online.

1) The J-PEG Format (Joint Picture Experts Group)
Most of the time you will be using JPG files, as this is the format best suited for saving High-colour images in a small file-size.
:star: JPEG files are designed for convenience rather than quality.

2) “Are Mega Pixels better than normal ones?”
Modern Digital cameras and phones, can take very large photos.
:star: Mega =1 Million, and Pixel = Picture-Element

Oh, so they are not “special” ?
No they just get smaller, the more of them you have to fit in a “square-inch”.

:star: Your computer screen for example is likely to be set to a resolution of 1024×768 (786,432 pixels) or 1280×1024 (1.3 Megapixels).

Large images are usually shrunk in a viewer so you can quickly see the whole thing, as these days they are often larger than a computer monitor can achieve.
A web-site will either display it at its own choice of size, or full-size at 100%

Printable size
A 12 Megapixel camera will create an image about 4000 pixels wide, by 3000 pixels high.
In real-money, that means if you print that at 100% scale, it will be about 106 by 80 cm (or in old-money 41.7 by 31.3 inches)
:star: 1280×960 (1.23 MegaPixels) at 100% is 45.2 x 33.9 cm (17.8 x 13.3 inches)

File size Vs Quality
Most cameras have a “Quality” setting for saving the photos. Usually “Low”, “Medium” and “High”.
Computer software allows you to choose the quality as a percentage out of 100.
The “High” setting in a camera usually equates to somewhere between 95 and 98%
:star: A 12 MegaPixel camera will create a file of 5 to 6MB (MegaBytes) in disc size.

3) Limits of the limitless internet.
Many sites have restrictions on the file-size or dimensions of pictures, to discourage people from slowing the site.
:star: Most web-sites are designed for fitting in a width of 1024 pixels.

When posting a picture it is useful to prepare a COPY for upload.
Or save the changed version of your image with a new name, or in a new folder (afterwards you can delete these temporary files if you have no other use for them).

I usually crop and resize/scale my images for most sites, down to 640×480, 800×600 or 1024×768, so that I know it will fit nicely (most software offers these sizes as preset/defaults).
When I am adding photos to my personal online photo-albums, I mostly just scale them down by 50% so people can still get a good look at a big version.

:star: Reducing the dimensions of the picture is a better way to reduce the file-size, rather than dropping the quality.
There is normally no need to drop the quality below 95%

4) The best thing since the internet, is “Sliced-Internet”
What is “Progressive”, and why does it Rock?
JPG has another common option (not available in cameras), called “Progressive”.
The forward-thinking …progressive types at the J.P.E.G. realised that as the internet …progressed, it became …progressively more graphics intensive, with most pages loading many pictures at the same time.

The next …progression of JPG was to make it “Progressively” display the image a few slices at a time, as it is actually being down-loaded in a browser or opened in a viewer.
Normally you have to wait until the whole thing has arrived before it opens.

Even though the internet gets faster, it is always worth using “Progressive” mode to store your online pictures, no matter how small.
Not everyone has internet as fast as you.

5) Useful (Easy) software
Some useful software includes an option or plugin, that makes saving for the web easy, and takes any guess-work away.

:star: The free program :heart: Irfanview :heart: has a file option “Save for Web” included with the extra plugin pack.
This plugin will notice if you are trying to save a huge image (over 3 MegaPixels), and offer to resize the picture before you continue.
You are then presented with a “Before and After” window, above which shows the predicted file-size.
Any changes you make will be visible on the “After” side, and the predicted file-size is shown above.

:star: I usually aim to keep the file-size about 500 KB to 1.5 MB (1500 KB) depending on the dimensions.


Info on the RIOT (Save for Web) plugin can be found on their home-page.

Windows and DOS

Linux Mint

Excellent Linux LiveCD Distro, with flawless NTFS access.

Install Windows Updates, without Auto Update.
😀 AutoPatcher Homepage

:star: FIX Windows 8, by upgrading to Windows 7

:ninja: DirectX 10 for Windows XP / 2000 / 2003

Create your own custom Windows installation by Slipstreaming
nLite is a really easy to use tool for this job.

UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1a
Exuberant Software
Windows 9x Member Projects, including “98SE2ME = Killer Replacements: ME -> 98 SE  “

Unicode for Windows 95/98/Me (this is needed for most modern software)

Sysinternals NTFS for Windows 95/98/ME
Download – and the old page (sorry no pictures)

:star: Run XP software on Win98/ME with KernelEx

💡 Windows XP Product Key Modifier

:devil: AntiWPA

😡 Windows Genuine Advantage – Wikipedia

:devil: Disable Non Genuine Windows Warning Messages: WGA Workarounds remove WGATray.exe » Digital Inspiration

PC Decrapifier

Customizing Windows

Windows X
Neowin Forums
FlyakiteOSX – make Windows look & behave like a Mac
Install Windows on an Intel iMac with Apple Boot Camp

Use un-signed custom visual styles. UXTheme Multi-Patcher

Disk Tools

DR-DOS 7.03 (free Disc Operating System)

Ranish Partition Manager

the Partition Resizer

plus lots more usefull stuff at MDGx MAX Speed WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets

Emergency Boot Disks
Ultimate Boot CD

MyBootDisk – Boot Disk Maker
MyDrivers – Backup your current drivers

DR-DOS boot disk – With NTFS
Alt NTFS boot disk from NTFS.com

Halloween music


:devil: MWAHAHAHAHAAAAA ! ! ! :devil:

The evil Dr. Flay™ is here to bring you the devils best tunes.
Unfortunately as the devil cannot make a deal with the devil, You will not find any of it on Spotify.
On the upside, it is all free and downloadable via Last.fm or the authors sites, so you can take all these sordid and horrific tunes away, and pervert as many people as you can.

First I will post everything the “Fishy Business” label has to bore into your skulls… (dramatic pause)
…and then this years double album, from the laboratory of the dark Lord “Cheekyboy” , I will bewitch you with hypnotic horror, bludgeoning beats, seductive satanic sounds, and monstrous MP3s

:rip: Seeing as I am going to have to do some grave-robbing, I will start with a collection by his majestic-evilness Cheekyboy, and a few other dastardly-Doctors.

Downloads in zip packages are available from the official site

A little something to make your desire grow stronger.


Fresh corpses of old tunes for Halloween 2012
If you hurry now while the crypt is still open, you can snatch the whole collection in 2 convenient family-sized body-bags.

Get this limited edition tribute to a master grave-robber :rip: FrogtheDawg :rip: for your Halloween party, before the dark lords *Cheekyboy* and *Sam Haynes* make your wretched lives more miserable, by placing a curse upon the web-crypt.

Heed this warning! You have only a few days to get your filthy hands more soiled with these devious-downloads.
So make haste strange stranger, and click on yonder portal to avoid the impending doom of darkness… :knight:
Creep into the crypt quick http://mm2012.moonfruit.com

If that was not enough filth for you, then you can get another free CD of 100% original material compiled by the evil pumpkin-prince *Sam Haynes*
He has called forth the dark forces, and collected their evil-offerings into another handy CD size body-bag of horror.

Still here?
You want more ?
Well I suppose I could let you have a little more. :devil:
How about another 3 CDs of HALLOWEEN BOOOOTIE !
Each packed with 13 twisted tracks and treats. Grab them now while the body-bags are still warm.

OK. seeing as that should keep you creeped-out ’til Christmas, how about freaking the family with this festive fright.