Windows and DOS

Linux Mint

Excellent Linux LiveCD Distro, with flawless NTFS access.

Install Windows Updates, without Auto Update.
😀 AutoPatcher Homepage

:star: FIX Windows 8, by upgrading to Windows 7

:ninja: DirectX 10 for Windows XP / 2000 / 2003

Create your own custom Windows installation by Slipstreaming
nLite is a really easy to use tool for this job.

UNOFFICIAL Windows98 Second Edition Service Pack 2.1a
Exuberant Software
Windows 9x Member Projects, including “98SE2ME = Killer Replacements: ME -> 98 SE  “

Unicode for Windows 95/98/Me (this is needed for most modern software)

Sysinternals NTFS for Windows 95/98/ME
Download – and the old page (sorry no pictures)

:star: Run XP software on Win98/ME with KernelEx

💡 Windows XP Product Key Modifier

:devil: AntiWPA

😡 Windows Genuine Advantage – Wikipedia

:devil: Disable Non Genuine Windows Warning Messages: WGA Workarounds remove WGATray.exe » Digital Inspiration

PC Decrapifier

Customizing Windows

Windows X
Neowin Forums
FlyakiteOSX – make Windows look & behave like a Mac
Install Windows on an Intel iMac with Apple Boot Camp

Use un-signed custom visual styles. UXTheme Multi-Patcher

Disk Tools

DR-DOS 7.03 (free Disc Operating System)

Ranish Partition Manager

the Partition Resizer

plus lots more usefull stuff at MDGx MAX Speed WinDOwS Tricks + Secrets

Emergency Boot Disks
Ultimate Boot CD

MyBootDisk – Boot Disk Maker
MyDrivers – Backup your current drivers

DR-DOS boot disk – With NTFS
Alt NTFS boot disk from

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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