Network – Router – Internet tools

Some tools you may (will) want to add to your collection

Router Commander

Setup a Static IP Address
Open Port Check
Try the Port Forwarding utility (not free)

Open Visual Traceroute (Windows/Linux/Mac) 
3d Traceroute
GeoData IP (Opera plugin)
WIP Geo-tools for Firefox

IPv6 Readiness Test
IPv6 Speed Test

DNS Benchmark

Windows own network info does not give you much feedback, so..
LanLights (up to XP)
tbbMeter (very useful for mobile and limited accounts)
AddGadgets Network Meter (Vista and up)



BT Network Optimiser (basic)

SpeedNeed (v.basic. updated for Win7)

Test your tweaks

Tools collections

Internet Router traffic

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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  1. Some Windows tools I can’t seem to live without:

    [b]Country TraceRoute[/b]: similar to the tracert tool of Windows, but with graphical user interface, and it’s also much faster than tracert of Windows. CountryTraceRoute also displays the country of the owner of every IP address found in the Traceroute

    FlashCookiesView is a small utility to manage Flash Cookies:

    [b]TCPView[/b] is a Windows program that will show you detailed listings of all TCP and UDP endpoints on your system
    (Process Explorer and AutoRuns are also high on my list)

  2. Thanks for the reminder. I was intending on adding some NirSoft tools.
    I use the all-in-one NirSoft Launcher, with all the Sysinternals tools added (and a few others), so I keep forgetting
    This post is actually copied from my gamer blog, and is primarily aimed at getting gamers and game servers online.
    The cookie manager would be better on one of my security pages.

    I am now noticing that most of the URLs are not clickable 🙁
    This site is soooo fussy !
    *note to self: Call it a feature. It adds flexibility.

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