There’s an empty space in my heart,
the size of the empty space, where she lay.

She didn’t have enough years.
I don’t have enough words.

Cheeka (Cheeky-Mu)
R.I.P. 14th October 2007

There are more Pictures in the Photo Gallery

Video Clips

Cheeka & water pipe
Cheeka & Ronnie
Cheeka & Squirrels
Cheeka running around
Cheeka talking
Cheeka eating grass

Please visit “The Dog Blog” for her story

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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  1. Wow…i’m glad i visited your blog…:yes: 🙂 😎 sweet dog…:coffee: :cheers: :rip: 😆 I :love: :sing: music!!!!:happy:

  2. :yes: 😆 you are right, i’m glad i found you back and hear the music again and hi & hello i almost forgot…:sing: :rip: :jester: :hi:

  3. :yes: 😆 :cheers: Funny to hear this music again…but I have to go to gym! :bye: Do you have picture of youself? I never saw a picture of you…:)

  4. I only put 1 up ;) am the one with all the hair :yes:

  5. Originally posted by dr-flay:I am the one with all the hair Quote:yes: I see them…you look 😎 thx! why I always have to laugh to hear this music…:lol:

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