Audio Tagging

Usefull tagging software Homepage (The people who made the standard)

Mp3ext –
If you are still lucky enough to be using Windows XP, then MP3ext is perfect for tagging many files at the same time.
It is also far more powerful and flexible than it looks.
I recommend getting the icon-set “xpStyle” to go with it.

AudioShell –
Similar to the above program. (These two programs are the easiest to use)

Mp3tag –
Excellent tagging program. Allows the user to select which tags are available to edit.
eg. You can add the tags for “BPM” and “Original Artist” etc.

TagScanner –
Extensive tag support of many audio formats.

AudioGrail – KC Software
Has some useful extra features (free version limited to 30 files at a time)

WinAmp – WinAmpPro 5.666:ninja:
Will tag many audio formats. Easy access to tags such as “BPM”, “URL”, “Original Artist”, “Publisher”, “Copyright” etc.
I cannot recommend this program enough. If you use windows you should use this.
It even supports iPods and other fussy media players!

Extra Info/Utilities
Mac MajorGeeks

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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