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💡 How to use Electric Sheep with music 💡

I've been doing this for ages now (sorry for not sharing til now)

1) Set the sheep prefs to run in "Normal" screen mode (so it runs at its native 640×480 size, & make sure the new "Allow Res. Changes" option is not on.

2) Run WinAmp, & select the "Advanced Visualization Studio" visualizer. Open the "AVS Editor" config panel & choose the "Display" option from the settings menu. Choose "Overlay mode" & change the output colour to black, close the editor.

3) Now preview, or set the screensaver time-out to 1 min, sit back & MMMMmmmm. . . OOOOooo . . . & Enjoy with your favorite smoke!

I have found that the "Distant Suns-Grand Tour 3D screensaver" also works a treat with this method.

The best sheep are the circular mandalas & kelidoscopes. Oh & some of the transitions work realy well.

This works with anything you can pick a colour for Overlay playback.
..Hint, have a play with WinAmp & MediaPlayer Classic's pixel-shader options (also try VLC). ..WinAmp & a Flash anim.

This should be possible with other music players, with appropreate visualizers.

:idea:A real bonus with WinAmp is the ability to feed it "Live" audio.
Select "Play URL" (Ctrl+L) instead of playing a file, & type in "linein://". Now when you press "Play" it will sample from your chosen recording source.
I use "Stereo Mix" rather than "line in" or "Mic in", that way it works for everything.
Use the little built-in oscilloscope (or spectrum analyzer) on WinAmp to setup the input volume level.

– :cheers: – :up: – :headbang: – 😎 – :yes: – 😀 – :eyes: – 💡 – …

Groovy Eye-Candy, to make your eyes happy

Spongebong Hemppants

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Rob Zombie – Dead Girl Superstar (Flash exe file)

Electric Sheep and Dreams in High Fidelity :up:
Electric Sheep and Dreams in High Fidelity Also see my Sheep page
MultiOS screensaver, that never stops evolving (Win/Mac/*NIX)

Really Slick Screensavers:up:


Mathematically Beautiful Screen Savers (MBSS)

Distant Suns-Grand Tour 3D screensaver

(plugins page)
Or look for DemoScene.TV, in the "Shoutcast TV" section of the Media Library in WinAmp

Demo Scene Vids

Demo Scene Vids

Strange Clouds

Peter Pracownik (Artist/Musician)

Painter of Album covers, Official Tolken artist, Guitarist for Astralasia, & Alice in Wonderland nut.

High Quality free comic

By Eric W. Schwartz

Joe Cartoon

dead troll dot com:
… quality digital viral comedy since 1832.

Drum-monkeys and dancing mushroom-elves. Enter the mushroom house to view in fullscreen :yes:

Astral Visuals. 3D Java, Psychedelics for your PC or Mobile phone
Mobile Section

Camp Chaos (the makers of Spongebong Hemppants)

Creators of the 'Napster Bad' Metallica piss-take :headbang:

Le Prince Bleu

Very cool animation & music

SYFi Archives (Win Media Player & Winamp AVS plugins):up:
– and iJenAPE 2.0
Free, motion detection and webcam games, demos, screensavers, applications

:devil: Microwave Experiments :rip:

Bunny Survival Tests

Furniture Porn

System 47

Star Trek LCARS Screen Saver

Desktop Dreamscapes Vol.1

3D Animated Desktop & Screen Saver

Funny Place names (GB) by Dominic Greyer

Milkdrop (WinAmp) Resource site

Planematrix and Planestate Screensavers, plus others

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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  5. :lol:Treasure.? ….I shall look further..:happy:Thanks Doc’, put a link to you from my Sticky: ‘Aotearoa Music Month’,must share the good good word of the Doctor, or should I say ‘Good Groovy Visuals and Sounds of the good Doctor’.Yes tried Electric Sheep :up: Oh, do I want permanent use of a digicam, yes. Its on the list. The plugins….:)I’m begining to think I’m a total numb nut when it comes to sorting plugins…I’ll get back to you on that Doc’….:happy: Take it easy Dr.Flay….all the very best.

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