The Shed

Some of these ramblings contain bad language and bad taste

Words harvested from my head

Fencing with words – PDF

:rip: Dead dogs, and Cornish-men Picture version – PDF
The Names have been changed to protect the guilty

Mermaids swimming in my headPic Version – PDF

You can polish a turd
Published in GARBAJ

Pet Shop Assistants Are Useless These days (an ocelot, haiku test)
Published in GARBAJ

tiny biccy -NEWEST- – PDF

The land of YinPDF

I don’t want the moon on a stickPic versionPDF

When the world falls out of your assPDF -NEWEST- :jester:

Stop Starting (an exersise in pointlessness) -NEWER-

Shitty Slippers -NEWER-

If you want to hear them being read in the style they are intended, you can listen to the rough demo recordings I made for a group of odd-balls I have the pleasure of working with, (The BINGE MACHINE) by visiting my SOUNDCLOUD page.

These works are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License

These are the extra fonts I have used

Words of wisdom from other people
Shel Silverstein’s Adult Works :rip:
The best resource for Shel Silverstein’s pearls of joy and genius

Rachel Pantechnicon Motivational poems for cats and for people

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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  1. charlie smelly poo writes:Shane how I wish I could live in your head.Its never dull in there dude.much loveSparrow

  2. Aww Thankyou :DI wish you could live in my head too.We could get mashed & eat chocolate all day :beer:

  3. I’ll have to come back when I can just close the door and turn every straw over…This is just my kind of place…see you real soon.

  4. Thankyou Valius, I’m glad you like it here.These are a selection of the crop, culled over the years.Everything is Organic & GM-free 😀

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