Fun is Dead

It's ironic that the other day, as the sun was burning away the early morning sea mist, from the remote all-night rave-up in a remote Cornish cove (there were 4 rigs set up, I dunno what the cows up in the fields made of it all !). Me & a friend went for a wander around the church yard on the beach, & in the little grave yard there, we found a grave-stone with the inscription "To commemorate the fun we had", & I then thought 'well thats it then, we're all fucked now!
It's official. . . FUN IS DEAD !!! :rip:
Then we bimbled back to the party, only to find it was now time for the early morning '80s cheese' DJ, but we held out til Barry Manilow was put on, & then we beat a hasty retreat.

Til the next Party/Rave/Gathering comes along, please try & KEEP FUN ALIVE !! :jester:

Ageing techno-hippy armed with a radio show and not afraid to use it.

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