Windows 10

Windows 10 fixes and tweaks Tip: Disconnect the internet while you install Windows 10.It will skip lots of steps and make only a LOCAL user account. Re-enable the ability to control updates Several options are available  … Read more


Winamp resources Latest patched version Realease and News thread (required for remote access) (Winamp input) FFMpeg ASIO – ASIO4ALL OpenlAL EAX Kernel Streaming Plugin (DSP) Manually adding online services Icons and colour themes SkinWamp  … Read more

Best free Anti-virus

The best free Anti-Virus/Anti-Malware programs …but don’t just take my word for it Which Security Suite for Windows Provides Sustained Protection? Currently the best Free AV are; Avira Bitdefender Kaspersky Avast  (Avast can break website … Read more

OpenSSL and manual updating of software

26th September 2016 – Current versions: 0.9.8zh – 1.0.2j – 1.1.0b OpenSSL just got another major update, and now the pre-compiled binaries for Windows are available from  Many common programs use the standard DLLs … Read more


S.M.A.R.T. (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) (Including SSD) I cannot stress this enough. Everyone (yes you too) MUST find a SMART tool they are happy to have running all the time. Your drives will … Read more

Skypekit fix

A hero by the name of “Hero” has posted a thread in the official Trillian help site. I have installed the newer v4.1.2 (skypekit41_noid.exe) later added to the page he refers to, and now have … Read more


This page is the various tools I find helpful for keeping local copies of streaming media. WinPcap HiDownload MiPony  (careful with installing. Watch out for extra adware) http://www.mipony.net (no Adware version) (Supports many sites)http://savefrom.net Youtube … Read more